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The Kunsthistorisches Museum lit. Housed in its festive palatial building on Ringstraße museum, it is crowned with an octagonal dome. The term Kunsthistorisches Museum applies to both the institution and the main building. It is the largest art museum in the country. Both buildings were built between and according to plans drawn up kunsthistorisch Gottfried Semper and Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer. The two Ringstraße museums were commissioned by the emperor in order to find a suitable shelter for the Habsburgs ' formidable art collection and to make it accessible to the general public. The façade was built wenen sandstone. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Neue Burg; Theseustempel Wien; Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien; Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Neue Burg; Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien;. The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) was built in near the Imperial Palace to house the extensive collections of the imperial family. With its vast 3,8/5(). Collections from the Kunsthistorisches Museum at Neuen Burg. Read more. Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. Read more. Read more. Imperial Armoury. Of in een groep, met de familie, met vrienden of alleen, de rondleiding in het Kunsthistorisch Museum in Wenen met Austria Guide is geschickt voor iedereen. Discover the Museum Shop. Six Seasons for a Dining Room. Read More. Of ‘busy pictures’ and children’s games. Read More. Exhibition catalogue. Buy now. Ronduit schitterende tentoonstelling in een museum dat een kunstwerk op zich is. De permanente collectie en de steeds wisselende themacollecties zijn absoluut een bezoek waard. Het kunsthistorisch museum is op zich al een bezoek waard.